Lowering High Blood Pressure

Lowering High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a condition that could be killing you without your knowledge, this is why most doctors refer to it as the silent killer. When compared to a flu, they are on extreme opposites due to the fact that HBP does not have any warning symptoms while a flu has its clear symptoms. Regardless of it not having symptoms, HBP is a killer condition just like the flu since it can lead to one having a stroke, kidney damage or a heart attack.

If you haven’t had your high blood pressure checked, then now would be a good time, so as to know where you stand. If you wish to check your blood pressure at home, then it is good to know that if your blood pressure is at 130/80 mm HG then it is considered high and lower than 120/80 mm Hg is normal. Blood pressure between 120 to 129/80 mm Hg is regarded elevated high blood pressure and that you need to work on lowering it.

If you have already been diagnosed with high blood pressure, then you might be wondering about what you will do to to lower your blood pressure. The good news is that high blood pressure can be lowered using specific types of medication but most importantly by changing your lifestyle to a healthy one. Below are medications and healthy lifestyles you can adopt to help you lower your blood pressure:

Exercise regularly

Adopt moderate activities into your life, ensure that you do at least one exercise a day or a combination of exercises that can lower blood pressure. If you have high blood pressure already then focusing on consistent physical activity will help bring your blood pressure down. This is also helpful to people who have been diagnosed with elevated blood pressure, the exercises will greatly reduce their chances of getting high blood pressure. Such physical activities can include resistance training, aerobic exercise, walking during the day when you can and high-intensity interval training. Older adults can engage in light physical activities even if it is at least half an hour per day, since this beats not doing any exercise at all. Think of any activity which will make you more active in your daily life and engage in it.

Quit smoking

Tobacco has chemicals are more likely to increase your blood pressure. This because smoking increases your heart rate and blood pressure temporarily. It does this by causing inflammation, destroying your blood vessels walls and narrowing your arteries. When your arteries harden then this is what leads to high blood pressure. This is not only the case for smokers but for non-smokers who are secondhand smokers. Children can also be at risk if the parents are at home smoke, so it is essential to create a nonsmoking home for the health benefits it will have for both the household. Furthermore, people who do not smoke have a great chance of living longer.

Reduce alcohol consumption

Alcohol is especially bad form someone who is under high blood pressure medications. Such a person should totally avoid the consumption of alcohol if they want their blood pressure to lower as alcohol reduces the effectiveness of blood pressure medications. If you do not have high blood pressure, then it is wise to moderate your consumption of alcohol so as to reduce your chances of having high blood pressure.

Focus on losing weight

Obesity is a key factor in increasing high blood pressure thus if you are overweight then it would be beneficial if you strive to lose some. Your blood pressure is more likely to lower when your weight decreases. Disrupted breathing while sleeping has been associated with being overweight, this increases your blood pressure. If you are not obese but have been diagnosed with high blood pressure, then it is good that you keep check on your waistline. You have a high risk of high blood pressure if have too much weight around your waist. Eating healthy food and exercising regularly will help you shed off some ponds slowly.

Do not be excessively stressed

Life is full of challenges and sometimes the pressure can be too much to handle leading to one having excessive stress. This high levels of stress will increase your chances of getting high blood pressure if you have elevated blood pressure. Find ways that can help you burn off steam so that you do not have all these negative feelings and anger bottled up inside you. Everyone has something that works for them, it can be listening to music, watching comedy, doing karaoke, reading a certain book or practicing deep breathing. This is important because it will help improve your mental health and thus lower your blood pressure. Some people also react to stress by drinking alcohol or engaging in other unhealthy activities, ensure you quit any activity such as gambling that may be affecting your health negatively.

Do not focus on issues you cannot change, rather learn to live positively while avoiding your major stress triggers. Expectations are also a major cause of stress; one should thus learn to manage them because not everything you plan will turn out as expected. Give yourself room for failure so that when things do not work out you have a second plan.

Reduce your intake on caffeine

The effect caffeine has on your blood pressure might be temporary but is certainly significant as it raises your blood pressure. This however varies from person to person so it is vital to ask your doctor for guidance. If your doctor says no to the consumption of caffeine, then try decaffeinated coffee. Most doctors find that caffeine can raise the blood pressure of someone who already has high blood pressure. Thus, if you are working on lowering your high blood pressure then leaving caffeine off your daily dinks would be a good decision.

Eat less sodium and add more potassium in your diet

Putting less salt in your food can also lower your blood pressure. If you have been having a high intake of sodium, then increasing potassium intake will help relieve pressure in your blood vessels while also reducing the effects of salt in your body. Food such as fish, tomatoes, avocados, milk and sweet potatoes are high in potassium and their consumption will help reduce your high blood pressure. You can also avoid using salts in your meals and instead incorporate spices and herbs to add flavor to your food. One should also avoid processed foods as they usually have high amounts of sodium. This can be done gradually if you feel like waking up one day and saying no sodium consumption might be hard

Get enough rest

The pressures of life sometimes make us to stay up late at night thinking about our problems or the way we can make more money to make ends meet. Getting a good night’s sleep is therefore a pipe dream for many, however it is essential to get this rest as your blood pressure is said to lower when one is sleeping. You can achieve a great rets by setting a bedtime schedule that you follow regularly. You should also ensure that you exercise or engage your mind during the day so that when it is bedtime, you can easily fall asleep due to the fatigue. Daytime naps should be avoided as this what may make you fail to fall asleep at night.

Stick to your prescription medication

Prescription drugs are usually referred to a person with high blood pressure by the doctor when the above lifestyle changes fail to lower their blood pressure. Your doctor will know the best drugs that will work on you so it is important to consult with them before settling on any drug. When a drug has been prescribed to you ensure you follow the instructions give, including the time to take the drugs and what not to eat or do while taking the drugs. These drugs may include:

Vasodilators: These are the kind of medication that focus on the muscles in the walls of the arteries. They help lower your blood pressure by preventing the arteries from narrowing and the muscles from tightening. These medications include minoxidil and hydralazine.
Alpha blockers: These medications include prazosin and doxazosin. They lessen the consequences of natural chemicals that narrow blood vessels while also reducing the nerve impulses to blood vessels.
Beta blockers: These medications include atenolol and acebutolol. They reduce the heartbeat rate and also the force in which the heart beats. They open the blood vessels thus decreasing the workload on your heart.
Alpha-beta blockers: These medications include labetalol and carvedilol. They lessen the flow of blood that is pumped through vessels thus causing the heart to beat slower. By doing this they reduce the workload on your heart by opening the blood vessels.

Make use of supplements

There are supplements that have been recommended by doctors as they help in lowering blood pressure. These supplements include:

Magnesium: Magnesium is a good supplement that helps to reduce blood pressure by helping the blood vessels relax. Food such as meat, legumes, vegetables and dairy products are rich in magnesium.

Whey Protein: This protein is found in milk and is beneficial since it helps lower blood pressure.

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